Chain Hoist UK

Chain Hoist UK

At we provide a full range of electric chain hoists from every major manufacturer and supplier. We are a recommended UK distributor for Demag, Stahl, Yale, Donati, Konecranes, Street and SWF hoists. We have a vast range of hoists in stock at unbeatable prices.

Modern chain hoists offer easy installation, ergonomic handling, and maximum time between servicing intervals to keep running and maintenance costs down to the absolute minimum.

5 Things you need to know about Electric Chain Hoists

A Chain Hoist is a device used for raising or lowering a load either manually or electrically. The hoists chain goes over a sprocket or chain wheel and back to the hoists bottom hook, in either single or 2 fall.

A chain hoist can be operated manually, but are usually electric, in either 415 volt three phase or 110 volt single phase.

For safety reasons a new electric chain-hoist is pendant controlled, with low voltage control, BS 5424-3:1988. Typically are Demag 24 volt, Stahl 48 volt and Yale and Donati are 42 volt.

Whatever load is being lifted is done so by a length of chain terminating with a hook; this is either single or two falls of chain.

Most modern chain hoists are 2 speeds and are almost as inexpensive as single speed.

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Types of Chain Hoist.

Electric chain hoists are a very cost effective lifting option for loads from 125kg up to 5000kg, they are used in all types of lifting applications including monorails, jib cranes and overhead traveling cranes, because chain hoists are smaller than rope hoists they lend themselves to achieving good headroom dimensions in most lifting applications.

Hoist units can be suspended in one of three ways; firstly in a stationary position by either an eye or a hook, or a push travel or powered (electrically) travel trolley.

The power used is most common a 3-phase 415v electrical motor. Chain hoists and wire rope hoists have been in use since the start of the 19th Century in a wide variety of industries from machine shops to abattoirs.

Though electric chain hoists didn't go into mass production till early in the 20th century. Germany was the first country to mass produce them and still to this day they produce some of the best chain-hoists available.

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